NOH 347 | "Top of the morning."

The New Old Heads episode 347 had guest Brotha2daKnight and talked Wu-Tang's "Forever" had a generational impact, how some of Timbaland's production hasn't aged well (and how he excels with full projects and r&b), Drake taking shots at Kendrick, Baby Keem and newer artists not knowing how to rap in a pocket, how Cardi B has elevated other artists, and more. 

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NOH 345 | "Gimme some more."

The New Old Heads episode 345 talked Kid Capri saying Eminem does Black things better than Black rappers, Busta Rhymes being the pioneer of features, the 2023 BET hip hop awards, Lord Jamar sharing Keith Murray's video and if it was in bad taste, Talib Kweli arguing with FANS about them now releasing the Black Star album on Bandcamp, and more. 

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NOH 344 | "The pride of Atlanta."

The New Old Heads episode 344 talked Killer Mike's new "Michael" album, narration vs. glorification in today's rap music, Spotify's "Head of Urban Music" says hip hop needs a leader, and more. 

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NOH 340 | "Whoomp there it is!"

The New Old Heads podcast episode 340 featured guest J. Brookinz and had discussions on one-hit-wonders in hip hop, if Ebro's comments about hip hop needing gatekeepers again is valid, if "replayability" is a good or bad characteristic to judge a musical project, and more. 

Featuring guest J. Brookinz of Chreece.

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NOH 339 | "I’m in love with a stripper."

The New Old Heads podcast episode 339 had discussions on Janelle Monae getting topless for her new release, Ja Morant and people blaming hip hop for his actions, T-Pain calling Drake the king of Simps (and the difference between Simping, Hating, and Tricking), the WORST albums by some of our favorite artists, Lil Durk's new lead single featuring J. Cole, and more. 

With guest Brotha2daKnight of The Drunken Knights podcast. 

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