NOH 339 | "I’m in love with a stripper."

The New Old Heads podcast episode 339 had discussions on Janelle Monae getting topless for her new release, Ja Morant and people blaming hip hop for his actions, T-Pain calling Drake the king of Simps (and the difference between Simping, Hating, and Tricking), the WORST albums by some of our favorite artists, Lil Durk's new lead single featuring J. Cole, and more. 

With guest Brotha2daKnight of The Drunken Knights podcast. 

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NOH 334 | "Summer, summer, summertime."

The New Old Heads episode 334 discussed Kid Rock's latest antics with shooting a Bud Light case in some goofiness, DJ Jazzy Jeff saying "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song is the greatest hip hop song ever, how "Summertime" is one of the greatest songs ever (and others that can compete), Lil Wayne's longevity and the song writing process, Webbie's halter-top, and more. 

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