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NOH 366 | "Twice upon a time."

Featuring guest Mr. Kinetik. 

The New Old Heads talked Andre 3000's "New Blue Sun" album and its mixed reviews, Joe Budden not wanting to comment about Diddy and Cassie's situation, Masta Ace and Erick Sermon being the old guys in the room when they don't need to, and more in this special extended Thanksgiving episode. 

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NOH 365 | "My wiz play the flute."

The New Old Heads episode 365 talked Lil Yachty saying hip hop is really low effort right now, Andre 3000's upcoming flute project being announced, Dr. Umar wanting hip hop's 50th celebration to include critiquing the bad parts too, the 5 things needed to be a popular rap artist in 2024, and more. 

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NOH 363 | "Let me hit it."

The New Old Heads episode 363 had discussions on Spotify changing the payment threshold to send indie artist's streaming money to larger streamers, Nikki D aiming at Ice Spice and saying rap is in the prostitution era, Halloween, theoretical three person hip hop groups, and hip hop albums where the production changed things. 

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