New Old Heads Podcast Episodes

NOH 394 | "Public service announcement."

The New Old Heads episode 394 discussed KRS One saying that Hip Hop's early contributors definitely consisted of Latinos, Cardi B suggesting the new generation can't handle being draftees with the new 18-26 auto registration bill, and Jay-Z getting slack for performing at Tom Brady's HOF ordeal but not any Hip Hop 50 celebrations. 

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NOH 391 | "Hustle til the sun come up."

Episode 391 of the New Old Heads podcast talked about Charlamagne saying he blocks out peoples opinions and that you're not smart if you don't, T-Pain saying he's happy he didn't listen to Snoop and Scott Storch, and Lauryn Hill's Miseducation being ranked as the best album of all time by Apple Music. 

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