With what started as the New Old Heads Podcast – a hip hop culture talk show with panelists with experience in DJing, producing, emceeing, hosting parties, radio, blogging, music education, community building and more – has turned into a network of multiple shows that debut live on Twitch each week. Our network is a little bit different than most podcast networks, as our focus is not only on a pre-produced audio show, but also a visual experience that incorprates a live aspect of interacting with the audiences.

We’ve made it easy to check us out:
Listen on your favorite podcast app while you are doing stuff in the background.
Watch the show playback because you want to see our faces.
Interact with us in a live chat setting online while it’s being filmed.

The original art was created by Dan Handskillz of the FAB Crew. Updated art was created by Matty G of MSG317.



Everybody listed below is a contributor to the New Old Heads Network in some way. Either that being a host/co-host, manager of the broadcasting, rendering videos, uploading content, graphic design, and everything else. If you’re interested in being an intern or a part of what we’re doing on the back-end, feel free to join our community and hit us up on Discord.