With what started as the New Old Heads Podcast – a hip hop culture talk show with panelists with experience in DJing, producing, emceeing, hosting parties, radio, blogging, music education, community building and more – has turned into a network of multiple shows that debut live on Twitch each week. Our network is a little bit different than most podcast networks, as our focus is not only on a pre-produced audio show, but also a visual experience that incorporates a live aspect of interacting with the audiences.

We’ve made it easy to check us out:
Listen on your favorite podcast app.
Watch the show playback to see our reactions.
Interact and chat with us live when we record the show.

The original art was created by Dan Handskillz of the FAB Crew. Updated art was created by Matty G of MSG317.



Everybody listed below is a contributor to the New Old Heads Network in some way. Either that being a host/co-host, manager of the broadcasting, rendering videos, uploading content, graphic design, and everything else. If you’re interested in being an intern or a part of what we’re doing on the back-end, feel free to join our community and hit us up on Discord.