With what started as the New Old Heads Podcast – a hip hop culture talk show with panelists with experience in DJing, producing, emceeing, hosting parties, radio, blogging, music education, community building and more – has turned into a network of multiple shows that debut live on Twitch each week. The New Old Heads Podcast can be found on your favorite podcasting application and YouTube, and the other shows can be found on our YouTube page.

The original art was created by Dan Handskillz of the FAB Crew. Updated art was created by Matty G of MSG317.




The New Old Heads Podcast is a weekly two-hour-long discussion on Twitch with topics on hip hop news, cultural and social related news discussions, with panelists Lonegevity, DJ Jay Diff, Maja 7th, J. Moore and DJ Spoolz. New episodes are recorded live on Tuesdays from 9-11PM EST. with a 30-minute pre and post show. Every Thursday at 12:00 Noon EST the episodes are released to all podcast formats and the video episode is released on YouTube.

All of the partners for the New Old Heads Podcast are listed below, and if you’d like to support the show, visit Patreon to choose an option. You can sign up for private community access, live show perks, monthly vinyl raffles (provided by Indy CD & Vinyl), monthly hat raffles (provided by No Bad Ideas), and more.



The Creative to Creative series started as a one-off interview series where different panelists of the New Old Heads Podcast would sit down and interview touring artists when they came to Indianapolis, which resulted in interviews with Oddisee, Pharoahe Monch, DJ Boogie Blind, DJ Rob Swift, Daedelus, Free The Robots, Moonchild, and others. Since the series became sporadic, and due to everything shutting down due to Covid, the New Old Heads Backstage has relaunched in 2021 as Creative to Creative with host Lonegevity, a monthly 2-3 hour interview series/hang out on Twitch with different music and music media personalities. You can catch the show every First Friday from 8-10/11PM EST on Twitch, with full playback available on the YouTube channel a few days after the live show.


The 7th Quarter will be a sports-related talk show hosted by the New Old Heads’ own Michael Chamberlain (aka Maja 7th), and will is live on Twitch every Wednesday at 8pm EST on the New Old Heads Network.



While everybody on the team you see below helps in a variety of ways, and the network is a collaborative environment, the production team for the New Old Heads Network manages all of the broadcasting, rendering, uploading, graphic design, and makes sure that the shows releases and launches on time. If you’re interested in being an intern or a part of what we’re doing on the back-end, feel free to hit us up on Discord.