NOH 389 | "Smooth jazz dinner music."

The New Old Heads episode 389 talked about Questlove's comments on the Kendrick and Drake rap beef and questionable comments about Tupac's diss track, if we as a society REALLY value the arts (and music), Spotify again taking money from artists, and Royce Da 5'9" and Guru talking about talented artists not wanting to put enough effort in marketing. 

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NOH 388 | "They not like us."

The New Old Heads episode 388 talked about who the winner was of the Drake and Kendrick Lamar diss track saga, if DJ Vlad was in the wrong for threatening to be a Karen towards Princeton professor that told, growing with albums and more. 

Full reaction to Kendrick's "Not Like Us" is also available on our Patreon-exclusive uncut live show. Visit our Patreon and become a member to watch. 

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NOH 387 | "Dip sauce and a blammy."

The New Old Heads episode 387 broke down and discussed Kendrick Lamar's new "Euphoria" diss track towards Drake, if Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik is the most important southern Hip Hop record, and more. 

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NOH 385 | "Drop and give me 50."

The New Old Heads episode 385 had discussions on Drake's diss towards Kendrick and others, the passing of Rico Wade, Andrew Shultz saying Hip Hop is going through what Rock music has in the past, Lupe Fiasco saying Drake is a better at rapping than Kendrick Lamar,  the difference between a ghost writer and a collaborator, and more. 

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NOH 383 | "Gigolo spending lots of dough."

The New Old Heads episode 383 had discussions on Lizzo saying she's quitting music again, Nick Cannon talked how the music industry teams up against young artists, Rick Rubin saying that an artist's most polarizing work is their best, and if music beat makers that do "type beats" is lame or a reasonable way to approach selling beats. 

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NOH 382 | "All your dogs getting buried."

The New Old Heads episode 382 featured guest Brotha2daKnight and talked Diddy "fleeing" the country after his houses were raided, if homosexuality is accepted in Hip Hop, Kendrick's verse on the new Future and Metro Boomin record that took shots at J. Cole and Drake, if Drake is a part of the "big 3" with Kendrick and Cole, the mixtape Mount Rushmore, and more. 

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