With what started as a lively discussion on the New Old Heads between whether ODB or Ludacris was a better rapper, turned into a full scientific/mathematical breakdown of every dope emcee we could think of at the time to get as humanly possible to find the greatest rapper/emcee ever. We detailed 10 different categories to rank each rapper on a 1-10 based upon where we thought they placed, and then added all of the categories together and got a number between 1-10. We then joined all of our scores together to give them a collective score. We did the whole thing live on the show.

We did all of this live on the show over about 10 episodes, so if your feelings are hurt, go watch how we broke it down before you get all huffy. The first episode of breaking this down was in mid 2019 for episode 139.

Yes, there’s still some bias in here because the five of us voted on each of the 10 categories for each rapper/emcee (that we could think of), but we’re pretty confident that this list and breakdown is one of the most detailed you’ll find. Without feelings, just stats.

To see how we not only voted for each emcee, but also the ranking that went into it, check out this Google Sheet.


The full spreadsheet and breakdown can be viewed here.